It has been noted in several publications and journals (see our experts page) that utilizing cold water to defrost frozen food is the best approach to preserving quality of the food in theory. It is also the fastest widely used method of defrosting frozen food.

However, there are still some issues with the approach. Putting aside the staggering amount of water that is used to safely and properly defrost food using cold water-- the fact that the faucet delivers 5 gal/minute of water in a single focused stream on only a single portion of the food below leads to many issues.

Amongst the issues are the fact that you are not giving the food the chance to evenly and thoroughly thaw. The portion of the food that is getting pummeled by the faucet stream is getting the brunt of the force while other portions of the food are floating out of the water receiving no benefits of cold water defrosting. Uneven thaws are not good when it comes to delivering the highest quality to your customers.

Another major issue is the damage caused by the stream of water on the food. More delicate foods like shrimp or salmon are easily damaged by the faucet stream. Many CNSRV clients have noted that they can tell just by looking at a finished product which was defrosted with the CNSRV DC:02 and which was defrosted by a running faucet (even a recirculating running faucet that saves water). What gives it away is always very obvious.

For instance, in the case of defrosting frozen salmon, utilizing a running faucet leaves a discolored and damaged looking piece of fish. Utilizing CNSRV DC:02 to defrost, with its proprietary approach to temperature control and water agitation, allows for a full and even defrost that does not damage any of the skin- leaving the final product higher in quality and more visually pleasing.

CNSRV DC:02 safely saves clients 98% of the water they were using defrosting frozen food, defrosts in less than half the time as the running faucet method, and leaves behind a defrosted item in the original quality of that item- more visually pleasing, and a better end-product to serve to your customers.

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