CNSRV DC:02 have been helping commercial kitchens save water, money, time, and quality defrosting frozen food and chilling down hot foods.

Here is a great recent example:

CNSRV DC:02 Defrosting frozen sushi grade tuna in half the time saving over 600 gallons of water

CNSRV DC:02 defrosted 35 lbs of frozen sushi grade tuna in 48 minutes using only 8 gallons of water for a large grocery store location. With the running faucet method this same amount of tuna would have taken over two hours and used about 620 gallons of water. Our customer also noted the increase in food quality utilizing CNSRV DC:02- the result of an even defrosting approach with temperature control and specialized agitation. This one defrosting session saved around $18.00. 

Please reach out to us at with any questions or to learn how CNSRV can safely help your kitchen save a tremendous amount of water, money, time, and preserve food quality and safety.