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CNSRV DC:02 Safely Saves: Water, Money, Time, Quality


    A Better Way To Defrost & Chill Food.CNSRV DC:02


    The Running Faucet Method was the standard for defrosting food up until now.  

    -Wastes up to 1,000,000 gallons of water annually in a single kitchen.

    - Wastes up to $20,000.00 on water bills annually in a single kitchen.

    - Wastes countless hours on defrosting food in a single kitchen.

    - Results in damaged food quality from single point of water pressure, uneven defrosting, staff cutting corners dangerously. 

    Metropolitan Water District ICP Study


    - Uses 98% less water than the running faucet method.

    - Saves thousands of dollars on water bills, ROI in as little as two months of usage.

    - Defrosts in less than half the time as the running faucet method.

    - Utilizes proprietary agitation and temperature control to ensure an even and efficient thaw while better maintaining food quality and safety.

    Savings Calculator


    "CNSRV units preserve the integrity of our products so we can pass the quality on to our customers.

    I recommend this product for anyone operating in the retail food or restaurant sector.”

    Santa Monica Seafood
    Head of Retail

    “We've grown to completely rely on CNSRV for defrosting here.

    Within the first month of use we saved over $2,000.00 on water bills and we are defrosting in less than half the time as before."

    Nobu Malibu
    BOH Manager

    "The CNSRV Defroster has been an amazing piece of equipment in our department!

    We can easily defrost four 8-10 lbs. turkeys in about two hours. This used to take about eight hours in a sink with running water.

    We love this innovation!”

    Major National Supermarket Brand
    Store Team Lead


    Utilizes proprietary approach to water agitation for a safe, fast, and even thaw.

    Temperature Control

    The temperature control is crucial for safety and speed. Ensuring water temperature is below 70f during defrosting.

    Safety & Quality

    Creating a systemized approach to safely defrosting and chilling foods in commercial kitchens. No need to cut corners.

    Running Faucet
    CNSRV DC:02
    The Details:

    -DC:02 can be run in an existing prep sink or an external container. 

    -To use simply fill a plugged sink/container with frozen food, add cold water until water reaches the 'minimum fill line', turn DC:02 to ‘defrost’ or ‘chill'.

    -DC:02 can also be used to rapidly chill down hot foods by adding hot food, cold water, ice, and turning to “chill”.

    -Designed to be easily taken apart for a deep clean and sanitization.

    -At 15x16x9”, DC:02 has a small footprint that will work within any commercial kitchen framework.  


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    With a focus on a combination of specific water agitation and temperature control, CNSRV DC:02 is able to defrost or chill foods in less than half the time while using 98% less water than the traditional method. Plug a sink or container and fill with cold water (and ice if chilling) until water reaches the minimum fill line. Select 'Defrost' or 'Chill' on the knob- the water agitation begins. There is a sweet spot between enough agitation to rapidly defrost or chill and too much pressure which damages the quality of the food- CNSRV DC:02 lives in that sweet spot.

    CNSRV DC:02 is NSF listed for food contact and can be easily cleaned/sanitized following simple instructions here.

    This is a great question that depends on a few factors. You can use our savings calculator tool to plug in information on your local water rates and how often you defrost to see what your savings look like. Unlike most commercial kitchen equipment, CNSRV DC:02 pays for itself in usage while offering other tremendous operational benefits as well.

    CNSRV DC:02 is a flexible system that can be run in 18" prep sinks and larger or you can use it in a separate container of similar size to free up prep sinks. Be on the lookout for complementary container systems offered by CNSRV soon! Please reach out to discuss any sort of custom uses or containers.

    Contact us directly and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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